General Exhibit Admission 9/23-10/7

General Exhibit Admission 9/23-10/7


Travel to the prehistoric Woodbine Formation found right here in North Texas and come face-to-face with a Utahraptor or Deltadromeus. Visitors of all ages will remain enthralled throughout the interactive walkthrough exhibit including museum quality creatures, educational elements, hands-on activities, genuine fossils and other surprises. These world class creatures are here for a short time – see them before they go extinct!

For admission into the exhibit you must buy a ticket PER PERSON but it can be used anytime during the exhibit dates and various hours. This is a one-time use only ticket.


Dates: September 23 – October 7

Location: Grapevine Botanical Gardens, 411 Ball Street, Grapevine, TX 75061

Exhibit hours:     Monday – Thursdays: 1-7pm

Fridays: 1-5pm

Saturdays and Sundays: 9am – 5pm

Fee: $8 | Children under 2 are FREE